1708 Quail Grove St, Willow Spring, NC 27592

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1708 Quail Grove Street, located in charming Willow Springs, is a home with upgrades throughout! New kitchen appliances, flooring, HVAC, deck with gazebo & TV mount. Stunning and private fenced-in yard, new siding, paint, toilets, water filtration, septic upgrades. Quick close available. Don’t miss out!

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Financing Example

* Down payment percentage for illustrative purposes only. 5% not required. Minimum down payment will be determined by homebuyers existing finances and selected loan program.

** Rate as of 2/28/2024. Assumes First Time Homebuyer and the loan characteristics shown. Rates are subject to change without notice.

*** Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the annualized cost of borrowing funds. When applied to mortgage loans, it encompasses not only the interest rate but also any additional charges or fees.

Seller-Paid Rate Buy-down

At Exhale Lending, we specialize in guiding borrowers through the diverse options available to them, ensuring they select the best financing method for their individual circumstances.

Below is an example of a rate quote for a First Time Home Buyer with a Credit Score over 620.

For a comprehensive understanding of available financing methods and down payment requirements, we encourage you to contact our team at Exhale Lending. You can also submit a quote request through our website for personalized assistance and guidance tailored to your specific homeownership goals.

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Seller-Paid Temporary Rate Buy-down

A Seller-Paid Buydown is a reduction of the interest rate for a specific period of time. Homebuyers benefit from the seller-paid buy-down because it artificially reduces the rate (and payment) on the loan when rates are high, and they can look forward to refinancing the loan when rates fall. The example, below, assumes a One-Year buy-down in which the rate is reduced by a full percentage point for 12 months.

Financing Example provided below. For more help on tis, please reach out to Exhale Lending.

1708 Quail Grove St, Willow Spring, NC 27592

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